Since I switched from Yahoo to Gmail in June 2004, I got more than 30 000 mails inbox - only 2 000 unread, about 800 spams a month, 13.5Go of data, hours and hours a day reading, replying, forwarding emails…

Gmail is my first working tool, but I don’t even know who are my main recipients for a specific period or who do I send the most emails.

It could be great to have a “Google Analytics’ like” user interface for Gmail. Of course, I can try Google Apps and get some technical reports like these ones :
rapports posini Google Apps

But wouldn’t it be much more powerful to have business oriented reports for Gmail ?

As I spend a lot of time reading and writing emails, I’d love to have an evaluation of the time I spent talking to each of my contacts. Thus, I could identify those I don’t write enough to or those which are time consuming.

Another feature that could be cool : the ability to flag manually conversations where a client says he wants to work with me. This will looks like a transaction in reports and I could match income in front of each company I’m communicating with.

There are so many data inside a Gmail account used for professional purpose, that it’s possible to build plenty of useful reports. We can think of contacts, but also other dimensions like attachments, subjects, labels… Engagement could be highlighted with special KPIs as the number of reply I get from a company or an address for 100 messages I sent to it.

Here are screenshots of what an GA UI could looks like for Gmail :

- The dashboard where we could see Conversations, Sent and Received emails, Open Rate, %age of Spam, number of searches I did on Gmail…

dashboard GA for Gmail

- Here is another example where sources in GA are replaced with the domains I sent emails to (ie and keywords match exact email address :

So Santa GA, if the elves are not too busy, maybe they can flight from the North Pole to bring us joy and new features :) MERRY CHRISTMAS !!