It is not uncommon to find such lines in the report "Traffic Sources> All Traffic Sources:


These visitors from different webmails whose referrer can be incredibly numerous.
The idea here is to combine all traffic within a single source that we call "Webmail".

Here are some examples of current French webmails that we can identify:

we can cover the majority of these lines with the following expression without the risk of including too many referrers who were not webmails:
mail (.*) \ .(.*) \ .. (2,4)

This is the advanced filter to retain the kind of webmail:

filter combination webmail
Attention is the source of the campaign, not the reffers ( "External link" in the jargon GA) to be addressed

Here's what it will:


This type of filter is interesting to visitors arriving on the site by an email "natural" outside mail newsletter or purchase to be tracked in dedicated campaigns.

We tested a filter replacement to address the source of the campaign but that did not work (if someone knows why thank you from me know in comment:))