Some results of a small study conducted internally at RESONEO about 10 000 sites among the most visible on the French market.

The goal was to have an idea of the use of Google services detectable in the source code:
Google Analytics
Custom Search

It was still found a little more than 2% of sites using Feedburner, Google tool to manage its RSS feeds and monitor the number of subscribers.

The use of Custom Search, Google solution to install a search engine for free on its site, is more than marginal ...

Over 10% of sites audited at least one block Adsense on their home page.

45.7 sites using Google Analytics, including 25% who urchin.js the old version, and 21.6% using the new version ga.js. This gives still almost 1% who have both version in their source code : |

The figure seems quite huge. But Analytics is often used to complement another tool for audience measurement. Thus, it was found that about 40% of sites that use Xiti also a marker Google Analytics ...