Google Analytics provides for several months a display of reports by day, week and month. The graphics display is more pleasant and leads to a tendency much more easily.

visualization of data per week

However, a display problem: Week display.
Google Analytics defines arbitrarily weeks from Sunday to Saturday and this parameter is not modifiable.

In this reporting period over the year 2008, a question arises:
How to get the data changes each week as defined European Week (Week 1,2, ... 52)?

Fortunately there is the formula Excel Laurent Longrais:

ENT ((A1-SUM (MOD (DATE (YEAR (A1-MOD (A1-2, 7) 3), 1, 2); (1E 99, 7)) * (1, -1)) +5 ) / 7)

This makes it possible to get the week number corresponding to a date.

Small Explanation:

  1. You only need to export data in csv (day view), this gives a daily / traffic
  2. Then you must associate with each day a number of weeks (using the formula above), one obtains a table with daily / traffic / week
  3. And finally, using a PivotTable, you can easily obtain the distribution of traffic per week

For your convenience, below you will find a sample Excel file that you can use to your liking

Report by Google Analytics weeks (. Xls)